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Make your B2B marketing smarter with focused marketing intelligence.

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Intelligence is an overused word in the marketing industry. We talk about ‘customer intelligence’, about ‘business intelligence’, about ‘market intelligence’ and now we have ‘artificial intelligence’ to factor into our planning and thinking, too. Marketing intelligence, however, is different. Marketing intelligence elevates the way we think about market data and analytics to help us think smarter. Marketing intelligence gives us …

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Is B2B Marketing boring?

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That was the question posed at the most recent gathering of the East Midlands Business Marketing Club (BMC). And, not surprisingly it divided opinion among an audience of passionate agency and client side B2B marketers. RIP ‘Corporate Video’ First up in the event’s cracking speaker line up was the ever-entertaining Neil Rostance, Partner and Head of Creative at Fat Free …

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  In a surprise move, 2018 has started.  Which means another very groovy twelve months of B2B marketing is upon us. I thought that 2017 was an extraordinary year in our profession.  Spend on brand experience grew.  E-mail engagement and influencer marketing use increased.  YouTube became the world’s most valuable brand.  Next 15 snapped up Velocity Partners and …

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Fast-track your career: learn from others

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One of the smartest ways to tackle a problem is to listen to someone else’s experience. You’re probably dealing with very little today that another marketer hasn’t had to figure out before you. We are all trying to deliver great work products, inspire our team and impress our board. Some of us don’t have an experienced marketer nearby who we …