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One of the smartest ways to tackle a problem is to listen to someone else’s experience. You’re probably dealing with very little today that another marketer hasn’t had to figure out before you.

We are all trying to deliver great work products, inspire our team and impress our board. Some of us don’t have an experienced marketer nearby who we can talk to. It’s not always easy to open up with your boss. Who wants to look back in a few years and say, “If only someone had told me that…”?

Join us for an informal discussion about how you can tap into what others have learned first-hand. Hear about coaching and mentoring, and what might be right for you. Listen to other marketers reflect on what worked for them. Hear how the BMC’s mentoring programme is helping members today. Register here

We’re delighted to be joined by professional coaches Hilary Gallo and coach Kirsty Lewis.

Hilary used to work for big names like Accenture and Clifford Chance, and now works for a variety of clients, from small start ups to the BBC. His book, “The Power of Soft”, is all about getting what you want without being the proverbial ****.

Kirsty is a coach and experienced sales facilitator who previously worked for Bass Brewers, Guinness and Diageo. She runs the School of Facilitation, which takes her around the world working with clients like us.

If you’d like to know more about our mentoring programme please contact Katryna or head over to our mentoring page.

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