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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  In a surprise move, 2018 has started.  Which means another very groovy twelve months of B2B marketing is upon us.

I thought that 2017 was an extraordinary year in our profession.  Spend on brand experience grew.  E-mail engagement and influencer marketing use increased.  YouTube became the world’s most valuable brand.  Next 15 snapped up Velocity Partners and Circle Research.  Native video went social on mobile.  B2B sales people complained about poor relationships with B2B marketers for the 200th consecutive year.  B2B marketers complained that they weren’t being paid enough for the 201st consecutive year.  Marketers began to get to grips with the GDPR monkey.  And we worked our magic, got creative and applied ourselves to another series of crises, last-minute deadlines, products with no benefits, activities with wishy-washy objectives and no budgets, unidentifiable customers, and more.  Our profession has become more difficult (and more rewarding) than ever, and so more than ever, B2B marketers need a network of fellow B2B marketers to help.  And that’s where the Business Marketing Club comes into its own.

We remain the only UK network for B2B marketers run by B2B marketers.  We have a fresh programme of monthly client-side and agency meetings, regional Converge events where clients and agencies get together, regular events on key industry topics, a mentoring scheme, a blog, and an online HIVE community ready to serve up across London, the Midlands, the South-West, and the North-East in 2018 to help every B2B marketer. But networks aren’t one-way.  To sustain what we do, we need the help of every member of our Club.  We have teams of volunteers across the UK who organise and shape what we do so that it meets the needs of our members.  Volunteering doesn’t just ensure that what we do is fit for the needs of our members, it also allows you to try our new marketing skills, make new marketing contacts, and support your own personal development.

If you’d like to get involved, please let Jay or Claire know by return.  We need volunteers to help develop relevant content for our members, to test our value propositions to ensure they are fit for purpose, to set-up and develop our inline community, to market to our members and prospects, to develop and nurture talent, to chair or host events, to blog about B2B opinions.  Your Club needs you!

So we hope you’ll make it your New Year’s resolution not just to join our Club but to get involved in it.  Happy 2018!

Dave Stevens

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