Are you keeping up with the crazy fast-moving world of B2B Marketing?

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Are you keeping up with the crazy fast-moving world of B2B Marketing?

There are so many new terms, theories, models, approaches, processes, and technologies to keep on top of! The world of B2B Marketing is moving faster than Theresa May’s fall from grace and you’ve got to be ready. But which things to take on board as game-changers and which things to ignore as fads? It can be all a bit bewildering!

Never fear because the Business Marketing Club is here to help. Some of our profession’s finest client-side marketers came along to our client-side meeting on 11 July to talk about what they reckoned to be the latest thing in B2B marketing.

Senior EMEA Marketing Director at Aruba Jon Moger made the case for app technology.  Jon noted that B2C causes like Tottenham Hotspur had led the way with their use of apps to engage the fan experience and show off the range of propositions available to fans.  But app technology can be applied to bring huge benefits for B2B purposes too.  Jon pointed to how apps could enable greater engagement with events using location-finding, voting, social, push functionality, and gamification techniques.  There are downsides to apps though:  they create another very hungry pipe which marketers have to fill, they need a ready-made community.

BLP Head of Brand and Content Marketing Brian Macreadie in contrast argued that B2B marketers should look back through time for the latest thing.  He felt that marketers had lost sight of the basic tools of their trade:  in particular time spent on the 4 P’s of the marketing mix and in particular on Product.  Brian said it was time for us to stop being distracted and to get back to basics.  He gave examples of some B2B businesses that had been turned around by spending time on redefining what their product was.

S&P Global Platts Branding Marketing Manager Helen McKenzie encouraged us to look to the opportunities and threats of big data which is now operationalised at the individual level.  First mover advantage here is a significant motivator for B2B marketers to explore this space.

Simon Jones suggested that the latest thing in B2B marketing should handoff the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment of the 1930s.  Marketers should accept that they will have to make decisions with little data, that there is considerable uncertainty in their environment and that things will always change, that they should focus on the basics, and that measurement will itself affect the result of their marketing.  Accept it and embrace it.

But the greatest support from Club members was for Workday’s EMEA Social Media Manager Sophie Barnes who argued that the latest thing in B2B was tools that support employee advocacy.  Such tools have a huge estimated media value and offer much credibility to target audiences.

Of course this is only a summary of the two hour debate that we had — so if you’re reading this and didn’t join us then I’m afraid you missed out.  Want to ensure that doesn’t happen to you again?  Then sign up to our next BMC event now.  Your first event is free …



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