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Do you know your B2B Brands? The BMC 2017 Pub Quiz!

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At our last event of 2017 we hosted our very own B2B pub quiz! We had quiz hosts, judges, mini burgers and everything!

To make things a little more competitive we split the teams into two large groups, Client side versus Agency.

The first task was for each team to create their own B2B Christmas style jingle. The Client side kicked off with their version of ‘The twelve days of Christmas’. Full credit to Sophie Barnes who took the lead role in performing the jingle, but unfortunately they lost out by 3 points to the super creative Agency team. I have to go a little Louis Walsh here and say, “I think people will like em”.

Singing their version of, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’, in time, with creative lyrics and sort of in tune….

Testing their artistic knowledge we handed over to our picture round, to match the artist to the painting. Clearly both teams are pretty clued up on their Art history as both scored 9 out of 9. Still the Agency team was in the lead by 3 points.

We had several rounds from Top Trumps to Dave’s questions, which seemed to have a running theme – aimed at Theresa May!

At the end of all rounds we had a tie! 80 – 80! At this point it was only fair to hand over to Jay for his Thai – Tie question – “What does jay order when eating a Thai?”

Can you believe it, both teams answered correct – Pad Thai. So into another Thai/Tie breaker, What type of rice does Jay order, both guessed Sticky both were correct again! At this point we gave up and called it a tie!

All in all – top night, lots of fun and plenty of food and drink! If you didn’t manage to make the evening don’t worry – (now I can use this statement and actually mean it) every year at this time we host our BMC B2B pub quiz night!

Claire Sherriff – Marketing Executive

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