Martech – What the f**k is going on?

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The role of Marketing is really changing and we’re starting to see marketing, sales and product management merge much closer together. As customer experience varies the importance of this merge is increasingly apparent.

The customer doesn’t want to engage via different routes, instead they require an experience that has been fused together and by blending marketing, sales and product management, we can give the customer exactly what they need when they need it.

There’s a lot of traction around the idea of no longer using coded applications and a great example is Look Book HQ, which is all about; ‘how to create an experience with multiple pieces of content?’

Rather than a nurtured route of engagement, Look book HQ allows for the customer to binge on content at the point of interest. It’s an intelligent content platform helping B2B marketers deliver the right content to the right buyers at the right time and in theory – accelerating their purchase decisions. We’ve recently seen a rise of platforms that allow for this journey, Marketo is a great example with the launch point ecosystem!

As marketers we have to market at different stages of the buying cycle for customer experience, so idealistically we need to tap into a new set of skills. Amazon has started to develop a digital platform that’s rivalling the likes of Facebook and Google and they provide us with the learning paths of understanding how we can use these varied platforms. Google Hub and Alexa show that voice is one of the biggest Martech tools available. We now have the ability to connect and listen to people in their homes.

The point is – there’s so many areas of tech and it isn’t solely about automation platforms and social, it’s also thinking about the other technology that’s out there that can complement your activity.

What could give you a competitive edge over your competitors?

Spend time researching the market and listen to what’s going on. Understandably time is an issue and it’s difficult to set aside hours to find the perfect tech, but tech moves on incredibly quickly and it’s more important than ever to keep up to speed with trends.

Tech is so complex and there’s so many different solutions, so where do we start?

Begin with strategy! Some marketers have expressed the need for reduction in their workload and this is the time to really evaluate what is actually working for your organisation. Make sure the tech you choose makes sense and is part of your strategy. What data are you extracting and how does it add value to your marketing?

Set road maps to allow you to really think about what and how to implement. Implementation of tech has huge percentage failure, so it’s incredibly important to have the right marketing and sales strategies in place. There’s a long company process of getting people to change their behaviours after implementing of new tech, so expect hurdles. Look at your team’s productivity and make sure there’s one or two people taking the pain from the team. Evaluate your touch points to give you the ability to track interactions to really understand what the cycle needs to look like.

Dave Stevens BMC Chairman – Key Takeaways:

  • Market developments: digital transformation, power of citizen, touch-point battle, digital everywhere
  • Martech is simply the glue between tools and people to help achieve business goals
  • Don’t focus on the tech. Focus on the strategy
  • Time is a big barrier to use of martech, therefore go small in your ambition
  • Debate around why martech? Staff cutting or efficiency? Be clear why you’re doing it
  • If you’re not thinking about martech, (customers will force you over time to make the change).

My summary – Be clear on what your mission is and have clarity of what you need to accomplish, set your strategy and research what technology is available and most suitable to meet your organisations needs. 

Don’t neglect strategy!

Claire Sherriff | Freelance Designer & Social Media Marketing Consultant

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