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Meet our mentors:


Paul Baker

Paul Baker, The Marketing Practice

I’ve been in B2B Marketing for over 15 years (as Exec CD at The Marketing Practice for 3 of those) and in consumer agencies for around the same time – Saatchis, McCanns, Grey etc.
When it comes to mentoring, a few areas that I’d love to help people on:

  • Branding – specifically discovering brand truths and shifting brand perceptions to create a positive environment for selling.
  • Creative strategy and insights
  • The creation of simple overarching themes that unify multiple product comms and content streams

Alex Brayshaw

Alex Brayshaw

Alex is a B2B technology marketer first and foremost and he loves it. Which is lucky as he’s spent almost 20 years working with many Global tech clients!
He believes that bringing together clear strategy, strong creativity and effective use of the latest technology to enable brands to engage with customers in a relevant and engaging way is absolutely fundamental.
B2B marketing needs to get personal!

Paul Everett

Paul Everett, The Marketing Practice

I joined The Marketing Practice as a copywriter in 2003 and I’ve been with the agency through its growth from five to 100+ people. I’m now the board director responsible for international operations (having launched offices in Germany and the US over the last 2 years), working mostly with global technology and business services clients.

Danny Turnball

Amanda Boote, Circle Research

I’m an Engagement Director at B2B specialist research agency Circle and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I’m a B2B marketing research expert who has spent over 25 years in B2C and B2B marketing roles, both agency and client-side. I have a passion for delivering game-changing and actionable insight to make a commercial difference.

Danny Turnball

Danny Turnbull, Stein IAS

Danny is MD of Stein IAS in EMEA and a member of the global leadership team at Stein IAS. With six offices spanning three continents and employing over 100 B2B marketing specialists, Stein IAS is a global digital and integrated marketing agency whose purpose is to help make B2B brands the most important in their respective markets.
Having spent over two decades in agencies both B2B and B2C, Danny has a deep bench of experience in a wide range of vertical sectors from finance to automotive, and a broad array of marketing disciplines. His particular expertise in branding and corporate identity. The son of a B2B marketing academic, Danny is firmly committed to the advancement of the discipline and sits on the Executive Council of the BMC. Having spent his early career in client services, Danny is an MBA and a certified director with strong commercial skills. As a Northerner he has a reputation for being straight talking and pragmatic.

Nicola Pestell

A direct marketing specialist having worked in marketing agencies for over 18 years. Nicola has a passion for results focused marketing, producing hard working response driven B2B campaigns and to close the gap between sales and marketing. She has worked across various sectors with clients such as Dell, Atos, Travelodge, AMEX, BBC and Citroen.

Danny Turnball

Andrew Dalglish, Circle Research

Andrew is Managing Director of specialist B2B research agency Circle Research (part of the Next 15 group).

Andrew has spent close to two decades agency-side, built a successful agency from the ground up and, in the course of this, has led the relationship with several large, global B2B clients. This means that he’s well-placed to help mentees with a particular desire to further their business development, agency management or client management capabilities.

In his spare time he’s a columnist for B2B Marketing Magazine, teaches the MRS B2B research course and is a frequent speaker at leading industry events.

Danny Turnball

Russ Powell, Red Hot Penny

Here are 3 things I believe: 1) Everything marketing does should add value.
2) Marketing drives successful businesses.
3) Marketing’s simple. Marketers make it sound complicated. Agree with at least two of those? Let’s chat about how I could help you as a mentor.

I spent almost 10 years client-side in massive IT firms, but have recently moved agency-side for a brand new challenge.

I’m truly excited about helping marketers at the beginning of their careers find their feet, understand their potential and add real value. I’m all about creativity, pushing boundaries and finding new (and better) ways of doing things. Sound like fun? Give me a shout.



Sophie Barnes, EMEA Head of Social, Workday

Sophie has represented a number of B2B companies as a multi-channel social media manager. With a proven track record in being responsible for a company’s social risk management strategy, social selling, content strategies and advising on the policy, and governance. Having built and led digital marketing training and best practices to improve the understanding and use of digital channels and tactics for key business stakeholders, Sophie was shortlisted for ‘Social Media Manager influencer of the year’. By infusing her passion onto others, Sophie is keen to help mentor future social media enthusiasts to help build a career in the ever-growing social media landscape.

Simon Jones

Simon Jones, Marketing Return

Simon has been successfully transforming b2b marketing for nearly 20 years and is a partner and founder of Marketing Return.

Simon’s first skirmish into digital was in the 1990’s when he created an eCommerce site from scratch in just 90 days which then generated $17m of orders in its first year. Since then Simon has created, managed and transformed numerous global and regional marketing and sales functions including demand generation, channel partner, multi-channel and content marketing.

After successfully transforming Motorola Solutions entire Web, Content and Marketing Automation capability in just over 6 months with annual savings of $3m he is now helping organisations in the UK create marketing capabilities that make a tangible difference to their organization’s profitability.

Brian Macreadie, BLP Law

A multi-award winning B2B marketer, I really love my job. I’m the Head of Brand and Campaign Marketing at international law firm BLP and, among other client-side B2B roles, I was also previously Marketing Director for Media and Sport at Getty Images. Some career highlights have included running a global campaign endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, launching a service innovation commended by the FT, and having my team named Outstanding Marketing Team of the Year 2015 at Marketing Magazine’s New Thinking Awards. I’m a co-host at the BMC’s monthly networking events for client-side B2B marketers and am also writing a fictional novel about some very naughty people.

Jon Moger

Jon Moger, Aruba

Jon runs EMEA marketing for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and in his role deals with significant organisational complexity working across numerous sales and marketing groups. He’s been a career marketer having studied the discipline at University and worked in numerous client and agency roles over the past 20 plus years. He is ideally placed to support mentees looking to develop their knowledge of marketing strategy across both end user and channel marketing, he also has an extensive background in demand generation with a bias towards digital platforms

Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens, British Land

A global marketing and business development leader with a sustained track record across professional services, property, it, and business services:-
Delivering commercial results, innovation, and major change.
Transforming teams for high performance driving a digital experience across web, social media, search, e-mail.
Creating, gaining buy-in for, and implementing brands and propositions.

Katryna Turner, SE5 Marketing

I’m a seasoned marketing leader from professional services (Freshfields and EY).
As a mentor, I enjoy helping other marketers to put together thoughtful marketing plans and get the right expertise in place to deliver. I also help marketers think about how to get things done in partnership firms, which can be particularly tricky for marketers who have moved from PLCs or agencies.
I love great copy, and can help if you want a discreet second opinion about what you’re writing.

Simon Craddock, CMO, Dialogue Group

Over the last 26 years, I have worked with private and public organisations in over 80 countries including most recently two years as CMO of a start-up and one year as CMO of an international telecoms company.
I have deep experience of strategic marketing, public affairs and crisis management in international markets, from China to the USA.
I can also mentor someone on business development, external communications and employee engagement.

Ben Buckton
Head of Marketing, SME

Having worked in London, Toronto and Hong Kong; Ben’s 14 years of global marketing experience ranges a variety of blue-chip financial services, technology & professional services business. He also spent time at an ecommerce start-up in the retail space. He spans both B2B and B2C marketing, and believes that the gap is rapidly closing between the capabilities and disciplines required to effectively deliver in any market.

Ben describes himself as a passionate leader, who believes in creating high-performance cultures and developing marketing teams to be the key growth driver and customer advocate within a business.

Currently based in the East Midlands, Ben runs Marketing for Experian’s high-growth SME business. He is looking to help and support emerging marketing leaders in the local area, as they look the develop and grow their careers.

Jeremy Knott, MD, JKL Marketing

I have worked with seven different professional service firms over the past 20 years, advising them on how to get more from their business development and marketing efforts. Recently, I was the interim CMO for Deloitte in the UK. Before that I was Head of Business Development & Commercial Partnerships for ICAEW, the leading accountancy membership body.
I can help senior managers prepare for their next career move. Assuming they have strong marketing skills, I can help mentees hone their influencing and persuasive skills, so they can get things done at the most senior levels in their firm.

Jaime Hill, Founder
Maverick Hill Executive Coaching Ltd

Jaime is a career marketer who has led global marketing and e-commerce teams across various industries, most recently Avis. She has worked with start-ups and multinational corporate businesses.
Jaime can advise on strategic and tactical marketing across offline and digital platforms, and how to balance commercial requirements with what’s best for the customer.
She is IDM qualified and a Registered Corporate Coach™ with the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Linsay Duncan, Co-founder

As co-founder of Marke2ing, Linsay brings flexible marketing director support to growing B2B businesses, (software & technology, professional services, market research and information based companies and more). Having run lead generation, brand awareness and partner campaigns into a wide range of sectors, she’s adept at helping clients really understand who they’re selling to and what makes them tick.

Her 18+ years of in-house B2B experience means she understands how marketing needs to function as part of a wider organisation – from systems, processes and reporting, to stakeholder management and the people side of things. As well as building high-performing marketing functions, Linsay enjoys mentoring senior marketers to grow them professionally and helping upskill their teams.

Martyn Potter, Strategic Marketing Director at Schlumberger

I am a Strategic Marketing Director at Schlumberger, the world’s leading oilfield services company with revenues of $30B. I can get excited about creative, brand and digital, but my work focusses on the less glamorous part of the marketing chain: where we decide where to play and how to win. Talk to me about research, segmentation, positioning, and business or marketing strategy in general.

Adam Greener, Founder, Span Consulting

I’m an experienced B2B tech strategy, proposition, positioning and customer engagement consultant.

In plain English. I help technology brands to understand, identify and engage the most valuable markets, organisations and customers – and in doing so – stand for something that customers assign real value to.

Moving B2C to B2B many years back – I’ve never looked back! And since crossing over, have made raising the perception, importance and influence of marketing in B2B a key aim.

I believe it’s a strategic imperative, rooted in us (marketers) upping our game, and B2B orgs adopting unified sales/marketing functions and processes where the customer really is the focus.

I’ve founded and run marketing practices, and advised clients Inc. Atos, Oracle, Hitachi and Symantec on how to narrow the distance between business and customer – helping them engage ever-more complex and discerning buyer groups.

Passionate about the “why, what, how and where you say/do things” and keen to make sure we profit, rather than lose out, as automation transforms our industry, I’d be delighted to help, advise and support senior marketing professionals in B2B.