Introducing F2F

Many B2B marketers are finding themselves furloughed or with reduced workloads as a result of the COVID19 crisis.


Some will be using this as an opportunity to upskill and the Business Marketing Club is here to help.


If you'd like to share your knowledge of a particular B2B marketing topic 

OR if you'd like to gain the expertise of a B2B marketer on a topic then we've the "Brown Bag Lunch" webinar for you!


Each week - free of charge - we'll be bringing together B2B marketers with knowledge to impart alongside B2B marketers who want to learn.


It's at lunch-time - and you need to bring your own lunch!


But we'll provide the platform, the agenda and the speakers.

Register for our upcoming sessions here.


When: June 1st, 8th.

Price: Free

Why attend: Hear from B2B marketers sharing their expertise from one furloughed marketer to another.


1st June 12:30 - Robert Hollier, The Fundamentals of ABM.

8th June 12:30 - Gideon Todes, The talk develops the notion that the moment of brilliance, like a great crime in an agatha christie novel, has a precise motive, time, weapon and place.

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What you need to do to get involved.

Please email if you've knowledge to impart, letting us know your name and contact details, what topic you'd like to expand upon and your availability.  No pitches, self-promotions, or buzzword bingo please! 

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The Business Marketing Club

A not-for profit Community for Business Marketing Professionals.  Run by B2B Marketers for B2B Marketers. 

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