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Tyler Lawrence

What our members think...

I have been involved in B2B marketing for just over three years, with my first taste of the B2B world at the powerhouse, professional services firm, EY in 2016. During my time at EY I was a part of their Infrastructure sector team and also the marketing lead on EY ITEM Club.

In 2018, I joined Stace LLP, an SME construction consultancy, as their Marketing Manager. Stace is a multidisciplinary consultancy delivering our services to some of the most amazing projects across the UK. Being a part of the business, and leading their marketing, is a great opportunity as we aim to achieve our business objectives in both a challenging market and environment. 

Why I joined the BMC? 

At EY I was one of 100+ marketers in the UK, so there were always colleagues you could bounce an idea of, someone to learn from and you were always benefitting from being around like-minded professionals. 

Now in a more senior role, in a smaller organisation brings greater opportunities and also different challenges. I was seeking a specific B2B marketing meet-up, where I could meet others in our profession and hear the latest insights and learnings. Luckily, I found BMC and was eager to sign up from the first video I watched! 

The BMC is honestly the best marketing group I have been involved in. Each meet-up I get along to, I come away with knowledge and understanding that I can take into my role and organisation. And most importantly, I get to meet other professionals in our field all striving to deliver exceptional marketing to either their businesses or clients. 

Gaining a mentor

Since being a part of BMC, I have also enrolled onto the mentorship programme. I felt I was at the stage of my marketing career where I needed a mentor. 

Having a mentor has been a real success and I have gained more than I imagined I would. I regularly have either a face-to-face meeting or a call with a leading B2B marketing professional who reviews my thoughts and challenges my thinking and gets me striving to achieve my goals. 

This year with my mentor we have completed a 360 review, and the skills to develop over the short-term and cemented my career goals that will hold me to account. Each time I meet with my mentor, it is an opportunity to review what I have achieved in the short-term and where I would like to steer towards in the long-term.  

If you’re not a part of BMC already … what are you doing?

B2B marketing is a truly great rewarding and challenging industry to be a part of and being a part of BMC, you get to hear from some of the very best in our profession. The BMC delivers regular valuable meetups and great insights. Its members are of all levels from CMO’s to marketers beginning their careers in the profession.

I highly, highly recommend BMC to all marketers in the B2B world!

The Business Marketing Club

A not-for profit Community for Business Marketing Professionals.  Run by B2B Marketers for B2B Marketers. 

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