The Business Marketing Club

The Business Marketing Club is a network for B2B marketers who are passionate about the industry. If you're looking to meet like minded people, learn and educate, then you've come to the right place.

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Our Mission

The Business Marketing Club is a 'not for profit' network for B2B marketers. Run by B2B marketers.


If you are working in business-to-business marketing, thinking of working in business-to-business marketing, or just interested in business-to-business marketing, we are for you.  It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out or you've been in the profession for decades, whether you're a CMO or a marketing executive, whether you're client-side or agency-side, whether you're based in London or Long Eaton, we've got something to support you.

Our vision

B2B marketing is a tough profession to be in. Typically it involves working with bigger decision-making groups and longer sales funnels than B2C marketing. That creates all kinds of complexity including making it more difficult to measure and show Return On Investment.


That in turn makes businesses more sceptical of investing in it. Although B2B marketers are frequently brilliant stakeholder managers, great data managers, groovy customer champions and strong commercial players; it's a challenging vocation.


Because we're more targeted in our work, we're less glamorous and less visible than our B2C counterparts.  Because B2B is less glamorous, there's less support out there for our profession. Professional bodies, magazines, and websites tend to cater for the B2C marketer. B2B marketing is unsupported.


And that's where the BMC comes in. We are the only sector-agnostic support network for B2B marketers in the UK run by B2B marketers.

What we do

We can connect you with other B2B marketers whether you want to bounce your ideas off of others, develop your career, share strategies, or just have a drink and some chips and chill. You can come along to events to hear from great speakers or to discuss topics of the moment or chat with fellow marketers. You can become a mentor or be mentored by other B2B marketers that can help you get on. You can stay up to date with the latest thinking with our monthly newsletter, website blogs, and weekly podcast. And if you want to get active, you can help us organise these and other activities.


Our network is UK-wide and we currently run regular events in London, Nottingham and Sheffield with other locations to follow.

How to get involved

Our thought leadership and podcasts are free for all to access. 

If you want to come along to a specific event, simply click on the appropriate event on the events page of this site to register. Tickets for events typically cost £10-£20.

Or you could become a member of the BMC for a year. This gives you access to every event free of charge, plus you can become part of our tailored mentoring programme. Just click here for details.

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