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Our Mission

The Business Marketing Club is a not-for profit Community for Business Marketing Professionals.  Run by B2B Marketers for B2B Marketers.  We provide face-to-face and virtual event meet-ups, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, mentoring, social media groups, community groups, and gatherings for business marketing professionals and people interested in business marketing. Today we have over 1,000 participants across the world.

Our vision

Business Marketing is the toughest profession in business.  Our vision is to provide a community of like-minded professionals to help you succeed.

Marketing is tough. You’ve got to put yourself in the position of your customers in the environment in which they will encounter your product or service and respond to it. 


It’s fiercely competitive out there yet you’ve got to be ahead of the pack. You’ve got to stand out in a sea of noise. You’ve got to plan when people just want you to act. You’ve got to be creative in a rigorously analytical world. You’ve got to apply business analytics to the creative. You’ve got to be down in the detail while staying objective. You’ve got to stay focused in the face of distractions.  You’ve got to be able to marshal your content, your channels, and your distribution – against all the odds.

Business Marketing is all of that. And some. 


This profession is younger than FMCG. It’s still got to prove itself. So you’ve got to prove yourself in a sceptical environment. Business doesn’t get B2B Marketing. And so you’ve got to persuade, explain, and lead the way. Add to the multiple internal stakeholders with multiple external customer groups.  There’s no longer just one buyer, there’s many – with different needs, opinions, and expectations. And there’s no one to help you: all the marketing professional bodies focus on FMCG rather than B2B. You’re on your own.

That's where we come in. The BMC is your community. Share learnings, experiences, insights with fellow business marketing professionals. A chance to network and connect with people who get it. You're not on your own any longer.


What we do

We can connect you with other B2B marketers whether you want to bounce your ideas off of others, develop your career, share strategies, or just have a drink and some chips and chill. You can come along to events to hear from great speakers or to discuss topics of the moment or chat with fellow marketers. You can become a mentor or be mentored by other B2B marketers that can help you get on. You can stay up to date with the latest thinking with our monthly newsletter, website blogs, and weekly podcast. And if you want to get active, you can help us organise these and other activities.


Our community is UK-centric but we welcome members and participants from around the world.

How to get involved

Become a member of the BMC for yearly access to every event, every webinar, our tailored mentoring programme, and a whole host of other benefits.  Just click here for details."

Be part of a growing B2B community.

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