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B2B Marketing industry launches Client/Agency Code of Conduct.

Over the last 4 months the world has carried out the biggest work from home experience of all time. Unplanned, the rapid change from office to home for millions meant a shift in communication.

The need for interaction saw people turning on their cameras, letting colleagues and clients in to their personal space by sharing their homes/children/pets on screen. And it’s been ok. It’s actually been more than ok in many instances. Relationships have strengthened over a joint purpose to ‘get through this the best way we can’, and by dropping the professional façade replacing it with honest, transparent, sometimes emotional communication that builds real relationships.

So it is timely, but also unplanned that we launch the B2B Code of Conduct, which aim is to build client/agency relationships during this crisis. Barriers are down, emotions are up and stakes are high. There has never been a greater need for communication between the two. Communication about teams, about budgets and where possible about the future. Agency business right now depends on the clarity of their clients. In a time of mass ambiguity, working together and sharing what information may exist, being honest about changing budgets and needs will make a huge difference. Setting time aside to have these conversations shows respect for the partnership.

The Code of Conduct is an industry wide collaboration between Agency Heads and CMO’s to set out recommended behaviours to improve the partnership.The best practise guide focussing on pitching, onboarding and communication, its purpose is toaccelerate growth, effectiveness and ROI in the sector through strengthening the agency/client partnership. It was born from a mutual desire to drive the industry forward, to do the best work possible and have fun doing it. Even if some of those ambitions seem far away right now, the Code will hopefully add value in the current climate by laying the ground rules for communication.

It is meant to be used as a guide. A starting point for a conversation. Customise, change it to make it work for both of you, just do it together, because that is what it’s all about.

View or download the guide here – If you would like to show your support as a client or agency, or have a comment or suggestion, please email me with a jpeg of your logo and we can add it to the growing list.

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